It’s time to take ‘B’ out of the ‘Three R’s’

2013 Dope Slap winner went to extremes

Before we get deeper into the new year, it’s time to resume a tradition that was once an annual occurrence in this space.

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Is being ‘wired’ a ‘smart’ thing for most?

A few days ago, 21st Century Technoman was chatting with a friend, when a call came in on his cell phone and Technoman excused himself to see who was trying to get in touch.

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Leading troops into word usage trenches

It seems to have slipped past mainstream media, but recently I was honored to be given a vital role in helping lead this nation move into the future.

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Lackluster education bodes ill for future

As you may have noticed, it’s an election year, which means an escalation of chatter about the importance of education.

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We are close to people